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Team LAS

Team LAS: Mirna Haidar

I am so glad to have you here on our fundraiser page!
I am very grateful for your support! Over the last eight years, team LAS have raced through the five boroughs of New York City covering over 940 miles and raising $149,000 in support of The Legal Aid Society’s legal units that serves hundreds of the most vulnerable in the face of oppression within our city!

Why I Run

I never thought of myself as a runner - I always believed running was not made for people of my life journey, family history, nor body type. I was so glad to learn that I was so wrong about all the above. A friend encouraged me to run for #mentalhealth as I was navigating IMMIGRATION, postpartum depression, and law school! So I started my #running journey by just showing up consistently on any street with running shoes and started with my first 30 seconds of continuous running which then became 3 minutes, then 30 mins, then up to 4 hours of running! 

Why this year

I had COVID in January and I am still overcoming long COVID symptoms which has set me back both mentally and physically below any level of fitness I was ever at. And so running this year's marathon will be a new challenge of re-conditioning both my physical and mental strength. What is really special about this year's marathon is that I joined as a LAS staff member last September and am super excited to be running alongside other LAS runners to help support our mission!

Give what your heart desires.

Share with who you wish to invite onto our journey!

Remember that you can live track LAS runners on the day of the marathon (by inputting the name of the person - or looking up TEAM LAS).

If you are able, I would love to see your faces on the streets of the city on the day of the marathon on Sunday, November 7th, 2021!


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